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Welcome to Yang's Homepage

My name is Yang Huang (黄样). I'm now an associate professor at the School of Astronomy and Space Science of the UCAS. I got my PhD degree from Peking University in China in 2016, and a BS degree from Anhui University in China in 2011. I grew up in Wu Wei (无为) of Anhui province, whose name is orignated from the Inaction Thought (无为之治) of Lao-tzu (老子).

My research interests focus on understanding the formation and evolution of the Milky Way, mainly from the observational view, especially using the data from the large-scale Galactic surveys (e.g. LAMOST, Gaia, SEGUE, APOGEE). I also have interests of a wide ranges of astronomy & astropysics, including stellar evolution, stellar/intermediate/super-massive black hole, merging galaxies, super-massive binary black hole, etc.

Please explore this site to find more about my work. Also feel free to contact me: huangyang (at)

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